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TrinityMoon "The Wicca Learning Temple"

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"TrinityMoon, Wicca Learning Temple"

The yahoo group where you can come and continue your knowledge. Join a great friendship, and learn from others.

"Mommyraven" My other Yahoo group.

For all pagan Parents to get together and have an understanding. A very beautiful close Family there.

Links to Helpful Sites

School of Wicca:

Scott Cunningham books: a good site for any book)

Common Herb Name-

 Gods and Goddesses of all backgrounds-

A witches main website-

Good Wicca Store website-

Great all around Website on Wicca and religion, and also religious tolerance:

Whispered Wistom


Insptrational Links and Great Writings


Lady Enigma/ Chirma MySpace Blog:

Go to her blog



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