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When there is Spell Casting and Rituals, there comes a special time to do each of them. Doing as such on a particular Day, Phase, and Time helps the intent of the Magick and Holiday.



There is a day of the week that is a perfect time to cast your spell. Below is a list of all the days of the week. Lists for each Color, Planet and Symbolism for spells that goes with each day. When there is more than one color for a day, the symbol/spell that goes with that color is colored in to go with each.


Ruling Planet: Sun

Color: Yellow

Symbols/Spells: Success, friendships, mental and physical health, business ventures, healing,happiness,Attraction, Study, Intellect, Divination


Ruling Planet: Moon

Color: White

Symbols/Spells: Home, garden, family, medicine, psychic development, dreams, women, intuition, creativity, Peace, Protection, Purification


Ruling Planet: Mars

Color: Red,Green, Orange

Symbols/Spells: Men, conflict, physical endurance, strength, lust, hunting, sports, surgery, political issues, passion,sexuality, courage, Health, protection,money, growth, fertility, employment, Stimulation, energy


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Color: Purple

Symbols/Spells: Inspiration, communication, study, self improvement, understanding, messages, Meditation,healing, power, spirituality.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Color: Lt. Blue, Brown

Symbols/Spells:Success, legal issues, luck, gambling, prosperity, business matters, Healing,Happiness, Patience, Healing Animals


Ruling Planet: Venus

Color: Pink

Symbols/Spells: Love, Friendship,pleasures, music, aromatherapy, beauty, art and money


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Color: Dark Blue

Symbols/Spells: Change, psychic ability, Re-incarnation, karma, wisdom, the elderly, death and responsibility


When the Sun and Moon cycle are certain there is also a time of day when Spell casting works best.


Lunar Cycles:

Waxing moon (when the moon is on the increase, going from a small crescent [new moon ] to a full moon) from seven days after the new moon. Best to work at sunset. This is a good time to do magick dealing with love, growth, courage, elemental magick, luck, and friends.

Waning Moon (when the moon is on the decrease, going from a full moon back to a crescent) or from seven days to ten days after the full moon. The waning moon rises at midnight and sets at noon. This is a good time to do spells dealing with protection, banishing disease, stress, divorce and addictions.

Full Moon is when psychic energy is at it's peak, it's the best time for prophecy and divination. The new moon is fourteen days after the new moon. Main time for magick is midnight. Good for magick dealing with beauty, fitness, health, decisions, dreams, change, children, competition, family, knowledge, protection, motivation, wisdom, legal matters, love, money, and romance.

New Moon is from the day of the new to three and a half days after. Magick should be performed between dawn and sunset. Spells on beauty, health, gardens, farms, self-improvement, job searching, romance and love, and protection are good to do during this time.

Crescent Moon is from three and one half days after the new moon through the 7th day. Magick works best if you perform it when the moon rises at midmorning and sets after sun set. Good time to do spells dealing with animals, change, business, material strength, emotions, and courage.

Gibbous Moon is from ten to thirteen days after the new moon. Magick is best performed around 10:00 to 11:00pm. This is a good time to perform spells dealing with good patience, centering, purity, protection and innocence. This is also a good time to meditate.

Disseminating Moon is from three to seven days after the full moon. The time of souls is at 3:00am. This is a good time to do spells dealing with divorce, decisions, stress, addictions. Sharing, communication, calming, knowledge, and decisions. This is also a good time to meditate.

Dark Moon is from eleven to fourteen days after the full moon. Timing is best at 10:00am. This is a good time to do spells dealing with obstacles, change, divorce, removal, quarrels, separation, justice, enemies, stopping stalkers and theft, and improving relationships



Sunrise:Is a time to do spells dealing with beginnings, change and cleansing. It is also beneficial at this time to do magickal workings the have to do with employment, love, direction in life. Helps with renewing hope and trust.

Morning: The sun becomes more active and strong and is a good time to do spells dealing with building, growth. It is a time to build on your positive aspects of life, resolve situations, warmth and harmony to your home. It is also a good time to do spells that deal with financial needs.
Afternoon: Is a great time to do spells dealing with business matters, professionalism, clarity and communications, travel and exploration.

Noon: Is a good time to perform spells that deal with metal abilities, health, physical energy. It is a grate time to charge crystals, metals, stones, and ritual tools that are metal.

Sunset: is a good time to do spells that deal with stress, confusion, hardship, depression, and dieting
Copyright for lunar and sun cycle:Our Lady Of The Silver Mysts Coven  



The Sabbats each have a special tradition to be done at a certain time and/or Holiday. Here is a list of all eight, and what can be done on each one.

Other Names: Witch's New Year, Summer's End, All Hollow's Even

October 31 (Greater Sabbat/Cross Quarter) 
 Times to Remember: This is the day that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest. This is a good time for divination. At dinner, remember to set a place for your loved ones that have past this year. Leave an offering of food and drink on your door step for those souls that may still wander.
Other Names: Winter Solstice

December 21 (there about)

Times to Remember: Shortest day of the year. Yule log is decorated with evergreen & holly strands before being lit at sunset and is burned until sunrise. Celebration of family and friends. Celebration of peace, love and positive energy.


Other Names: Imbolq, Olmeic, Candlemas, Brigits Day, Bride Day

February 2 (Greater Sabbat/Cross Quarter)

Times to Remember: First planting of spring. Ritual fires are burned. A time for birth, healing and inspiration. This is a popular time for vows of dedication or consecration.


Other Names: Spring Equinox, Eostre
Date: March 21 (there about)

Times to Remember: Light overtakes the dark. Rebirth of life. Contemplate new beginnings and fresh ideas. Serious mediation on your hopes and dreams for the coming year. Solar festival of fire, light, and fertility.


Other Names: Beltane, May Eve, May Day, Samradh

April 30 or May 1 (Greater Sabbat/Cross Quarter)

Times to Remember: Fire and fertility festival. Jumping over the balefire was said to insure protection. Dance around the May Pole. Ring bells to scare away bad spirits. Time for appreciation and affection for all that you have been given in your life. End of spring planting. A time for new beginnings, concepts and ideas.


Other Names: Summer Solstice, Midsummer

June 21 (there about)

Times to Remember: Longest day of the year. The God is at his peak strength. Midpoint of the year. Light large bonfires after sundown. Peak of magickal power. Remember that nothing lasts forever. Celebrate abundance, fertility, virility, beauty, and the bounty of our earth. Good time for handfasting, workings for empowerment and consummation.


Other Names: Lammas, Lughnasad, Lugnassad, Lunasa
Date: August 1 (Greater Sabbat/Cross Quarter)

Times to Remember: Fire and light festival. Time for first grain harvest. Feast dedicated to Earth Mother. Count your blessings.


Other Names: Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Pagan Thanksgiving

September 21 (there about)

Times to remember: Time of the second harvest festival. Celebration of thanks for the crops that were harvested. Dark overtakes the light.



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