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"One's Self"


One’s Self:

Is to get in touch with yourself, your higher self, your world around you and your abilities.



How to get started:

1. Find a relax filled area, quite and no interruptions. Even turn on relaxing music. (Like the one on this webpage) You can also find Meditation Songs webpage on this website.

2.Find the right position. This can be sitting on your sofa, lying on your bed with your legs bent, sitting upright and cross legged, or lying in a shallow bath. Experiment with each and find the best place for you.

3.Relax your eyes into their most comfortable state - open, closed or half open - and become conscious of your breathing - don't "concentrate" on it, or try to alter its pattern in any way, just be aware of it. Let your mind play as it wants to during the meditation - if at any point thoughts or feelings come into your head, let them float away - release them like balloons and go back to your breathing. If you find it difficult to do this, just observe the thoughts as a passive observer - don't add to them. One way to do this is to focus and be aware not of your mind, the crown, but on the area just below your navel called the "hara" - be aware only of your breathing in this area. Once you are relaxed and aware of your respiration, move onto other areas of your body, starting at the feet. Be aware only of this part of your body, let everything else fade from your mind. As you move to different parts of your body, if any part feels painful, closed or uncomfortable, imagine letting go of the discomfort. Finish this exercise at the top of the head, then go back to your breathing.

Different Meditations:


(best way to find your sanctuary/happy place. Be able to see your Spirit guide also)

     One of the best meditations to try first. To learn how to see in your mind. Start out as you do meditating. Light a candle or focus on a picture/object. Breathe in and out deeply.(don’t blow out the candle ) Engulf your mind into your focus point. Look at every inch of it. If your focusing on a picture see yourself right there whatever it is. Now that you can do that close your eyes. Keep in mind to be safe if your using a candle. Now breathe in deeply some more. Envision anything you want to see if you can picture anything. Like a tree, your favorite thing, or even a human you like. Even when you can do that picture yourself alone walking in the woods, meadow, or fly above the earth. Slowly coming to a place you feel comfortable in. This will be your safe place to come in peace. Your sanctuary! Stay here for awhile really feel the place out. See things around you, hear the sounds, feel things, use all your senses.

If now at some point you want to meet your spirit guide you may but never in your sanctuary. This place is only for you and do not want to bring any other energies to disturb it. Now you see a path or stairs. Follow it up to another beautiful place there standing is a vision of a being. You may talk to him/her/it or ask any question. They may not talk but show you symbols or answer. When you are ready to leave Thank the being and leave. After write down any information you don’t want to forget. You should do so for a meditation you do.


Grounding and Centering

    One of the best ways to relieve any negative energy that is inside and around you. A few times I like to do Grounding is when I’m overly stressed and it’s over coming me. Also before doing a spell or ritual to help me focus clearly. Before touching any tools! Last thing you want is negative feelings all over your tools after touching them. Especially if you want to do a positive spell with that tool.

Grounding: Start out just like Meditation. Next picture yourself as a tree burying your roots into the earth. Then envision all the negative feels stress, worry, anger, hopelessness you feel. As your breathing out picture all of that feelings is rushing down to the ground, and out of your roots. Leaving your body and thoughts to be gone deep below the soil. Then as your breathing in picture all of Mother Earth’s energy entering your body with nurturing, calming and positive thoughts. Push out the pain and take in the healing energy. Do this as long as needed, and really feel it take over you. The best way to do ground is to take off your shoes and go outside. Really get closes to the earth. I like to in the morning or just before dark when the grass is full with dew and the air is fresh.

Centering: It is easier to ground first before centering if your really stressed, but other wise if your just grounding to focus it’s best to start to center first. But if you are overly negative it’s better if you center after grounding. It’s very hard to center if your ungrounded.

   Centering is in your very middle of your head. Place one finger between your eyebrows and another at the base of your skull in the cleft at the top of your neck. Envision a halfway point between the two fingers. See and feel a golden light glowing there. Breathe in and see the light getting brighter. Focus on it, start to breathe faster until your thoughts are silent, and the light is the only thing you are focused on. You can use this at any time when you need it when you need to focus on one thing. This is anytime when you use visualization, meditational healing, or any other magickal working. Some Yoga or Martial Arts start to use other parts of their bodies to center. Like the center of gravity at the navel ( higher for men and lower for women because of different weight). The heart is also a good center for matters of love or healing.

Use Grounding and centering often as needed. You’ll see and feel a difference! You’ll like it. :)



    Best to be done after you have grounded out any negative energy. This will prevent any to come back again. Shielding is your personal space where any energy you do not want to pass through won’t be able to or be bounce back. First you must learn your Aura ( Life’s energy from one’s body. What makes you. Some see as light or color). You people’s aura are close to them and some are all over spread are out.

     To get to know where your’s is rub your hands together til warm and tingling. Then bring your hand out facing each other. You should feel a resistance between them like two magnets face north to north. Try to it further then closer. Now rub your hands again, and try to face your hands flat to your body, and do the same that you do with your hands. Pull out until you don’t feel it anymore. There is your boundary. With more and more practice you’ll learn to move your aura closer and more even. It best to keep it close in uncomfortable situations like emotional moments.. See what is comfortable for you closer or further. Play with it.

     Now is time to learn how to use your aura to protect you. Some use all different colors to change their aura. Envision silver to reflect bad energy, white to let in positive energy but protect from negative, blue to repel and gain confidence, violet for spiritual vibration, and to change negative to positive. You can use one layer for your aura or use many for different things and colors. Picture this around you and your aura you reflect that shield and to the people around you. Nothing bad can get to you.

There is many ways you can Meditate. There is many books that can help and other great websites also. With a lot of practice it will get pretty easy.

Other Parts of One’s Self

Dreams: To me it’s anyway for your subconscious to be able to talk to you and let you know what is on your mind without you knowing it was there. Also can be a chance for your spirit guide to come and talk to you. Even let you know what might happen in your future. If you have a dream ever come true you understand. Dreams can also answer questions. Nightmares can open your eyes to the real fears or negative energy that is going on inside of you. Dreams can also show you symbols to talk to you. Sometimes can also not really mean what is going on in there. How many people have the dream of falling, going to school with no clothes on or losing your hair or teeth. It doesn’t always mean your going to be doing or going through any of that. But it is trying to tell you something else. Keep a dream Journal! If you tend to forget your dreams by the time you get out of bed. If you want to research the dream or want to compare.

For more information or need to interpret a dream here is some good websites.

Divination: This is not just being able to tell the future. It is also a way for your spirit guide to talk to you or the god and goddess. It is also a way to get the answers within yourself. To gain a vision of your destiny and what path to take.

There is many different divinations from being able to see a vision in meditation, vision quest, or one can come to you at anytime. There is also people that are Mediums (you see a lot of them on TV) that can talk to the dead/ones that passed on can tell you the future or needed information. Even a dream can see into the future. To learn more please by books and tools to fully understand the divination. It is not to be taken lightly or to seriously. You can sometimes get a false look to the future. There is people out there just trying to make some money. That is to bad though. When you do find that you are able to have this gift. It’s the best thing in the world, and can even save your life. But remember you have control over your future, and you can change it at anytime. All you have to do is take the right or wrong path to your destiny.

Here is some more popular Divinations:

(linked to other websites)



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Dowsing (pendulum)

How to make your own Pendulum

Scrying (crystal ball)


Ouija Board

Link to information-










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