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"Practical Magick"

Alter Layout

The Alter and Tools


"Tools are used to focus the mind and any energy present upon the work that is being done." They help raise power during a Ritual and/or Magick and Higher Powers. Before using always cleanse, charge and dedicate. They are to be only used for Magickal, Ritual, religious use.

      An Alter is a sacred space or table where you worship and do your magick. A witch’s workbench so to speak. An alter can be indoors or outdoors, and even both. A space where you can keep out at all times. Even put away in a chest or box for safe keeping. Where you want your sacred space to become your place to cast a circle. The alter during a ritual circle can be located in the center or north or east areas of the circle. You can also use the alter together or separate alter for Daily Devotion of you deities. If you use a separate alter for devotion you can keep it simple with the god/goddess candles and your statues. If you would like.

     The layout is done as the goddess on the left/West or female side. The god is on the right/east or male side. The central is both together and keeping the elements in rightful direction. Some are able to point their alters in the northern direction. Enable the elements and god/goddess to be in the right direction. Not all of us can do so. So you can just picture which would be north, south, east, and west. You may find it easier to do so outside. You will notice that the tools that is goddess/god is on the same side as them. The pentacle a lot of the time is the center piece of the whole alter. Which is the protector and grounding of the sacred space.



Alter Cloths

Used as a dressing on the top of your alter. Can be any fabric, and color. You can change them with each holiday or Ritual.


(Pronounced A-tham-ee,A-THame)


The athame corresponds to the element of Fire (in some traditions Air), the direction East and is male in energy.


Magickal Knife! Used only for ceremonies, sometimes black handled, made out of wood or metal. Never used to cut or to be shared (only yours)! A tool to mix salt water or other mixtures in a ritual. An athame is a tool of direction, casting the circle, evoking the elements.

Bell / Triangle, drum/ chimes

Can be used to mark the beginning or/end of a working/ritual. Use in Dance, chanting, or song. Much like Shamans tradition.

Bolline ( BOW-Line, bolin)

Working knife Use simply for cutting or carve. Used on herbs, wood, cord/string or any thing.. Sometimes a white handle.

Book of Shadows


Your book of spells and personal Journal ( self, Dream). Information that you need not to forget.

Bowl/bottle of salt water or blessed water

This is a premixed salt (male) and water (female). Used to cleanse tools and area. Protection after casting.

Besom/ Broom

( BE-sum, BESOOM)

Not for flying! Actually used for cleansing of course or symbolism. Handfasting leaping into a new life. Older days used for fertility to leap beside the corn to show them how high to grow. Maybe how the whole flying thing started!


Used to represent fire, God, goddess, and sometimes elements. Many colors can be used as a spell works correspondance.

Candle Snuffer

to extinguish the candles instead of blowing. To blow is to insult fire and air, as you are dissipating the energy of one with another.


represents the female or goddess and water element

Direction is centre

Used for burning things, scrying with water and silver on bottom, mixing herbs and potions.

Censer, incense/ burner

Element of Air and direction of East.

heat proof dish of any size for incense (cone, stick, or loose) or dried herbs, charcoal (use caution burns a lot of smoke). Used for raising power, achieving trace or purifying. Can choose different smell to correspond with spell or ritual.

Crystals and stones

Element of Earth

Used for healing, Divination, chakra, meditation, and aura. Help in grounding and centering.

Chalice or goblet

Female and element of water. Direction is West.

Used for ritual drinking for the goddess, rituals, or spell making. Also can be used mixing.

Divination tools

Anything like Tarot card, runes, crystal ball, Pendulum, etc. Helps in decision making, and used during psychic time of the moon ritual.

Mortar and Pestle

Use to grind herbs into a fine paste for Magickal working.


It’s more than a tool! It enhances the moment. Relaxes during a ritual bath or meditation. Helps in raising power when drumming.

One note of caution, don't bring your tape/CD player into the Circle, the energies that will be raised within the Circle may adversely affect it's performance! It's far better to set it to repeat outside the Circle.

Pentacle/ Pentagram

centre or focal point

Sometimes element of Earth

Many witches like to wear a pentagram. It is a symbol of our religion, but it is also worn for protection and connection with the elements represented by the five points - Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The pentagram on your altar is the focal point, it is where you place your tools for consecration and conduct your magickal workings. It is also a tool of meditation, and corresponds to the direction North, the element of Earth and its energy is female.

Pray Beads/ Wiccan rosary/ Jewelry /Talismans

Can be used as a marking that you self dedicated. Pray beads used with different stones for Meditation.

Smudge stick

Used by shamans. Stick used for cleansing during and before a ritual. To drive off negative energies. Help in healing


Used to represent god/goddess, or anything to worship. Can be actual deities, or symbols of the deities on a rock. Even a remembrance of your familiar that pasted on. A statue can also be used as a focal point during Meditation.


Its element is Air (in some traditions Fire), its direction is South and like the athame, the wand is female.




Same as the athame used calling direction and invoking. Some use as a healing tool. Can use different wood for different spell working.

Practical Ways to make your own tools

(Linked from another website)

Book of Shadows                Besom/Broom

Wand                                        Wiccan Rosary

Candles                                    Holy Water





       A ritual is a time to worship the god and goddess, do magickal workings, or any other Wiccan event. To pay homage to any sacred cycle of life. Like a Self Dedication, taking a New Craft/Magickal Name, Initiation ( 1st,2nd & 3rd Degree for Covens), New baby is born called Wiccaning, when a young girl comes of age (1st Menstruation), Cronehood ( Menopause). There is a ritual for every new step in a Wiccan’s Life. Even a Celebration of a Wedding called Handfasting. A Ritual for Remembrance, when we say goodbye to our loved ones that has passed on.

      It is a Time to reflect upon your Life and to connect with your Deity. The ritual can take place at your shrine/Alter. With weather and place providing outside where your one with Nature. It’s beautiful during a Full moon Esbats looking up at the moon and the Stars. A bonfire on Beltane Sabbat! But it’s what ever feels comfortable for you. It’s your chance to feel the state of mind of the energy flowing through you. Right before or after a Ritual is the perfect time to Meditate. It’s best though to Ground and Center before you start your ritual.

     The Rituals to Honor the God and goddess takes place on Sabbats (each Holiday has it’s own ritual) and Esbats ‘Drawing down the Moon’ Ritual (every Full Moon). But a Ritual can be performed when needed when the time is right for Magickal working. Anytime when you need to be with the deity, healing, change for the better, or just feel lost.

    A ritual usual starts with preparation (getting your Alter set up and deciding what Kind of Ritual to do), Make sure you have all you need, Cleansing (Ritual Bath and cleanse your Sacred space), Cast your Circle, Invoking the Elements, calling upon the God and goddess (lord and Lady or any Deity you wish to be present), magickal working, Meditate and then finish with Cake and Ale. After release the Circle, say farewell to the god and Goddess, dismiss the elements, and write down anything you would like to remember in your Book of Shadows or Journal.

Warning: If you do something wrong during a Ritual or Magick working. The spell may not work or circle cast wrong may let negative energy interfere. But that is the worst that could happen. The god and goddess will never look down upon you badly. All it takes is practice. You may feel nervous even if your performing alone the first few times. The best thing that could happen is laughter! Don’t feel bad if you do, even the deity know that’s one of the best healing! :)

Here is a Few Rituals, Self Dedication and God/goddess Rituals.    On Page Different Rituals.

You can find the Complete outline for Casting a Circle On this Page.



    Magick is away to change energy and willpower around and within. The power of positive thinking in mind and spirit. To bring about change much further than just the physical acts to influence events and actions to create our own outcome. It is not to be done without deep thinking before doing Magick working and casting a Spell. You most consider the outcome and how it affects you and the world around you. A Spell is the truest time when ‘ Harm none do as you Will’ and Threefolds come into play. Without a clear heart and mind will only bring nothing or worse. Be careful when doing a Love and Money. In Love you don’t want to trick a heart, and why do you want someone if they didn’t truly love you in the first place. With a money Spell be careful you may get the money, but by someone close to you dying. Always keep in mind to never do Black Magick. Yes it’s against the Rede and the threefold thing. If you have that rage to because someone hurt you. Don’t! Remember whatever ill thing they did comes back to them three times too. You can also do a enlightenment spell instead! It’s just a way for the other person to realize or feel what your feeling. Then do a healing meditation or spell for yourself.

Enlightening Spell

On a Night of a Full Moon.

Write on a piece of paper your name and the other person’s name.

Then ask the goddess to help

"Oh my Lady Goddess help the person see

what he/she (or say person’s name) has done to me.

So mote it be."

Then under the full Moon light bury the paper with the names.

     There is many ways to do Magick. A simple candle spell, healing, herbal medicine, alternative medicine, crystal, elemental, Visualization, banishing and many others. Most people without thinking has done a spell. A simple wish in a wish well or the first star I see tonight wish. Focusing on the red light to turn green. Mixing up lemon and honey for a cough or sore throat. Some point in time you can remember a little thing you did. I like to call Practical Magick. We all have it inside of us. We all have the willpower to change. Just keep in mind whatever happens you are responsible for your action! The same energy ball that you use to shield yourself. Is the same kind of energy used to cast a spell.

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